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Some Thoughts on This Election

In hindsight, everything happens for a reason. It is just that while it is happening, you are bound by your personal beliefs that you can’t see clearly.

I have once felt that American is focusing too much on so-called ‘political correctness’, and leaning towards the left. This once bothered me a little bit, but then I thought it is normal. In hind sight, the fact that I have once thought about this shows many Americans must have felt the same way, but way stronger.

Even though you may have a little doubt. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same opinion can help you eliminate some of the doubt, or just simply ignore it.

This does not just apply to Hillary’s supporter, but to Trump’s supporter as well. In a tight race like this, if Hillary happens to win, then I’m sure the same line of arguments will still be raised, but just on different sides. Hillary’s supporter will can Trump’s supporters ‘brainwashed’. This has two meanings. First, it is an act of friendliness. That the opposite party is not inherently different and thus ‘bad’, but rather mislead by their leaders is a sign that they can and should unite together after the election. Second, it is also a demonstration of power. Since they have already won, they can make themselves look very insightful and smart. And it will be the sad Trump supporters who are calling Hillary supporters ‘stupid’, and proud Hillary supporters will respond claiming they are ignorant of half of America’s need.

In this perspective, supporters of both sides are surprisingly similar. Or rather, human beings all have a similar tendency to ignore the other side of the story.


Man holding bricks to smash an armored car was shot dead

A staggering scene happened on the street of Dongguan, Guandong: a man with bricks in hand was chasing and then hitting an armored car. After their warnings were ignored, the guards opened fire, causing the death of the man on the spot. The dead was Huang Wulin, born on October 1, 1991.

In the evening, the CEO of Dongguan Junan escort Co., Ltd., which the armored car belongs to, said that the armored car was performing an escort task, and Huang smashed the right window of the car. Considering the emergency, the guards used riot gun (rubber bullets) to shot Huang after the warnings were ignored.

The reason why Huang chased and hit the armored car is said to be that he was scratched by the car but it didn’t stop (because the driver was afraid of potential robbery accident), which resulted in the death of Huang.

Is the shooting of guard lawful?

It is known that the Dongguan Junan escort Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise with operational qualifications. The escort business is legally approved by the relevant departments and under supervision. And the guard equipped with riot guns also meets certain legal requirements.

Some people tend to claim that Huang deserves it; however, others may argue that the armored car should immediately leave away instead of shooting Huang. Of this case, lawyers give a rational analysis.

Xu Zheng, a partner in Zhejiang Tenwise Law Firm, indicates that Huang’s behavior does form an emergency, but it doesn’t cause substantial damage. Besides, shooting is not the only solution to the danger. According to “Regulations on Administration of Use of Guns by Full-time Guards and Escorts “, Article 5 “When performing the task of guard or escort, full-time guards and escorts may not use guns if other means can be employed to protect the guarded objectives or escorted goods; where it is necessary indeed to use guns, the protection of guarded objectives or escorted goods against any encroachment shall be taken as the end, and casualties and property losses shall be avoided or reduced to the extent possible.” The act of shooting in this case is undoubtedly a violation of this Article.

Human beings are always easily affected by their emotion, but it may generate a wrong public opinion atmosphere. When it comes to the social problems, I am inclined to believe in law and in the rule of law.

Huang smashing car window with brick

Huang smashing car window with brick

Huang was shot down

Huang was shot down

Article by: Xubobob

A toilet lid

Recently, a small piece of article stirred up Chinese people’s internet. The article claims that a young couple traveling at Japan, from ’Ningbo’, stole their toilet’s lid and try to bring it home. The hotel noticed and then called the local police, and then contacted the young couple’s tour guide, who wrote this article in great anger. This article rapidly acquired enormous amount of views in just two hours.

The tour guide was angry become he had to clean up after the couple’s mess, and that the couple denied having stolen a toilet lid when he first asked him.

Commenters appeared to be in great wrath as well. Some of them wrote: ‘I think we should have a new law, that forbids people with inappropriate behaviors from going out of border.’ Some said: ’They don’t deserve to get a visa. They don’t even deserve to get a passport.’

Some felt ashamed that the couple is from Ningbo. And many people went on to correct people that they are actually from ’Taizhou’.

After the article went viral online. The husband released a hand written apology letter. He said that they found the toilet lid under their bed, and thought that this is left behind from the last occupier. He has already returned the toilet id to the hotel through the tour guide.

(As a side note. Apology letter is a very interesting thing. I used to write apology letter and read it in front of the class in primary school.)

Stories in China doesn’t stop easily. The latest news said the couple went through tremendous amount of pressure and is very mentally unstable. They are from a middle class family and the husband is a very diligent worker. The husband has already submitted his resignation letter to his company.

It is up to the viewers to decide whether what they did deserves what they went though. I just think this an interesting story and that this is not uncommon.

The toilet lid

The toilet lid

The apology letter

The apology letter

Rapers on the Internet


I chose not to upload a screenshot of the video.

I chose not to upload a screenshot of the sex video. Photo from WDnet Studio.

In a digitalized era, the speed of information transmission accompanied by human’s basic desire gives rise to numerous sex scandals. Recently, a short sexual video is uploaded to the internet. Some Chinese people just can’t contain their desire. They helped the video became viral on the internet. They discuss it openly and sexually. But that’s still not enough. They went so far as to cyber manhunt the women in the video.

In order to do the cyber manhunt, they have to convince themselves that the woman is morally wrong. According to a poll conducted by Netease, 75% of the responders claimed that the women “does not value herself”. Only 25% percent thinks she is a victim. Driven by this attitude, they found out and posted the personal information of the women online. It should be noted that it is up to debate whether this information is correct, but it sure causes a lot of disturbances to everyone involved.

If you think about it. This is crazy and extremely offensive. The netizens not only had their ‘entertainment’ enjoying the sex tape, but went so far as to expose her personal information. In this kind of sex tapes, the female is almost always affected disproportionally more than the male. This has its cultural explanations, but it is still unfair and unfortunate. The women did make her mistake, but that is not for shooting the video. Her mistake was to let her boyfriend keep the video and potentially post/leak it. The fact that she is enjoying the process of making love should have nothing to do with her morality. Sadly a lot of people think this makes it okay to humiliate her and justifies the violation.

So, despite the wide acceptance of Japanese adult video stars like Aoi Sora in Chinese mainstream cultures, it doesn’t necessarily mean the society is more tolerant about sex after all.

The Strange Case of the Death of Lei Part III

Image of a forest

What are we afraid of in Lei’s death? The potential violence of the police.

It turns out that the violence of police is not that far from people’s everyday life. Recently, a college student was having a quarrel with another person. The situation gradually escalated and two police officers came to mediate. However, the police officers were in a bad mood. They kicked the college student and try to get him into police car forcefully.

This whole event was witnessed and recorded by the college student’s classmate, Peng. The police officers tried to get Peng to delete the video but was rejected. Angrily, the officers beat their buttocks with their police sticks, saying that “one moan and you get five more”.

Thanks to the students’ resistance, we are reminded how violent the police can be. This is exactly what we are afraid of in Lei’s case. Nobody knows what exactly happened inside the police car when Lei suddenly ‘had a heart attack’.

Once the videos and the pictures of the police’s violent behaviors are exposed and went viral on the internet, the involved police officers quickly get investigated and punished. But it is the violent ones that are still hiding around us that we are most afraid of.

The college student is beaten by the police officers.

The college student is beaten by the police officers. From Netease.

The college student is beaten by the police officers.

The college student is beaten by the police officers. From Netease.

The college student is beaten by the police officers.

The college student is beaten by the police officers. From Netease.

A slap in the face. IACC revokes Alibaba’s membership.

Photo by Irene Lasus.

Photo by Irene Lasus.

Alibaba is one of the largest three internet companies in China, along with Tencent and Baidu. Alibaba’s focus is on internet trading. Its trading platform,, is China’s (or even the world’s) largest online trading platform. Alibaba’s goal is to allow everyone to start their online business as easily as possible. As a side effect, there are a lot of counterfeits on Taobao. The counterfeits copy the designs from famous international luxury

The counterfeits copy the designs from famous international luxury brands, but sells at a much lower rate. Their main targets are people who want to be fashionable, but could not afford to buy real products. Deep inside, Alibaba knows if it wants to play with other international companies, it has to get rid of the counterfeit products.

Last month, Alibaba joined IACC, the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, to demonstrate its determination to fight counterfeits. But things didn’t go well. Following Alibaba’s join, Gucci, Michael Kors and Tiffany announced that they withdrew from ICAA. One of them withdrew without giving any explicit reason, but the other two explicitly stated that they could not tolerate Alibaba being a member as well, given that its platform has so many counterfeits.

Now, less than a month since Alibaba’s initial join, IACC revoked Alibaba’s membership. This is indeed like a slap in the face for Alibaba. However, I think it is not entirely bad. I hope Alibaba can use it as a motivation to try really hard to eliminate fake products on its online trading platform. Only then can it truly win the respect of other international companies.

A fake Gucci belt. It is very easy to find counterfeit products on

A fake Gucci belt. It is very easy to find counterfeit products on

5.12 Earthquake

[Image from internet, Steven,]

[Image from internet, Steven,]

Today is the 8th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake. This earthquake caused nearly 70000 deaths and 370000 injuries. It is the largest earthquake after the foundation of the country.

The Strange Case of the Death of Lei Part II


Part I of the story.

The police revealed more information that could be helpful to reconstruct the history.

1. It seems that Lei really went to solicit a prostitute.

  • The police said Lei acknowledged paying 200 yuan for a “service” when he is first arrested by the police.
  • The police analyzed the DNA inside the condom, and it matches the DNA of the deceased.
  • The prostitute also identified Lei.

2. Why does it take so long to contact Lei’s family?

The police claimed that after Lei died, they tried to find his phone or wallet for some contact information but couldn’t find them. They had to go back to the scene where Lei resisted arrest. They searched the surroundings for a long time before they finally found it. After that, they contacted Lei’s family immediately.

3. Why was the location info missing from Lei’s phone?

The police claimed that it is beyond their capability to crack an iPhone’s password. And even if they could, it would be nonsensical to do so, since it doesn’t help the investigation.


However, the new information contradicts what we already have in two aspects.
1. Earlier the police claimed that they carried a recording equipment while doing the arrest. But that equipment is knocked on the floor and broken by Lei during his struggle. People obviously didn’t buy this, and found it extremely suspicious. How can a professional equipment designed for everyday police use break so easily? Today the police

Today the police claimed differently. They said since they were all in plain cloth, and that they did not carry the recording equipment. They tried to record the arrest using a cell phone, which was unfortunately broken during Lei’s resistance.

2. In the initial report. Lei tried to jump out of the car and landed on his head, which explained the wound on his head. But according to the new report, Lei did not jump out of the car. The police initially didn’t handcuff him, and Lei once suddenly moved from backseat to the copilot seat, and forced the driver to stop. The police say today that Lei left the car normally. Where does this contradiction come from? How can the police explain the wound on the head?

So what’s the truth? I really don’t know. Chinese people like to believe in the worst of their police. It is a good thing, at least much better than always believing the best. People’s comments on the story were so anti-police that many news websites even turned off the comment features for the relevant news. Let’s hope we will have more information when the autopsy result came back.

The Strange Case of the Death of Lei

Photo: Amar Saleem []

Photo: Amar Saleem []

Lei was a 29 years old master student of the Renmin University of China, located in Beijing. His wife recently gave birth to a baby girl on May 7, which is also their wedding anniversary. His relatives wanted to celebrate the birth of Lei’s daughter, so they flew to Beijing. The plane was arriving at May 7th, 23:30. At about 21:00, Lei left for the airport to meet his relatives. But everyone lost contact of him ever since.

A few hour later, at May 8th, 1:00. They received a call from the police station, saying that Lei is suspected of soliciting prostitutes, and died of heart attack on the way to the police station. The hospital that received him claims that Lei’s was already dead when his body arrived at May 7th, 22:09. Some people reported that he/she once saw blood on Lei’s lip when the body arrived.

At May 8th, 4:30. Lei’s family finally saw Lei’s body. There were obvious signs of extravasated blood on Lei’s arm and head. The police claimed they received a report of prostitution on about 20:00 May 7. The police responded quickly and caught 6 suspects, including Lei. When the police tried to take him back to the police station, Lei resisted and tried to get away. He even jumped out of the car once and landed on his head, which explained the extravasated blood on his head. The police were forced to handcuff him and put him into the car. However, on the way back to the police station, Lei’s situation suddenly deteriorated. The police immediately sent him to the hospital, but it was already too late.

Lei’s family says that Lei plays soccer regularly, and does not have a history of heart disease. How is it possible that he suddenly died of heart disease? If Lei arrived at the hospital at 22:00 and was already died, why wait until 1:00 the next day to contact his family? Moreover, many recent contact history records and location information are deleted from Lei’s phone. Who did it and why does he do that?

The incident remains largely a mystery. Could he really solicit a prostitute on the way to the airport? Maybe. Could he really die from a heart attack without having a family history? Not impossible. However, the police provided so little information that it is nearly impossible to draw a conclusive answer.

A dentist tragically killed by his former patient


Not long after the death of Wei Zexi, another incident happened in the medical field. A dentist was killed by one of his former patients. It is suspected that the patient has mental problems, and claimed that he went to the doctor for a ceramic teeth procedural in 1991 but now the teeth have changed their color.

A month before, the suspect has already been harassing the victim and the victim was worried about his safety. On May 5th, the suspect entered the dentist’s neighborhood and struck him many times with a knife. The dentist was sent to the hospital, but unfortunately passed away in the same night.

In China, doctors are traditionally put in a very respectable position. A traditional good doctor should not only treat the patient’s body, but also his mind. A doctor is supposed to be as caring as the patient’s parent. However in recent years, the distrust between doctors and patients widened. Some people commented after the dead dentist that the doctor deserves to die, without even knowing anything about the doctor in detail.

Apart from the black-hearted hospitals, one of the largest sources of discontent comes from the unpleasant experience of seeking treatment. Patients are directed to do various examinations all over the hospital. Each examination has its own queue that may take hours. You hardly finish the process in one day, and you may have to come for 2 or 3 consecutive days to get an examination and prescription.

Some people think the root of this problem is the lack of a clear hierarchy of hospitals. Even if I am just having a common cold, I would still go to the best hospital available to get a treatment. But this causes significant waste of resources, since the best hospital often has more serious patients to attend to, and wasting their time may have irreversible consequences. The common scenario is that a patient waited for several hours only to be dismissed in a few minutes by the doctor because there is nothing special or serious about his case. In such scenario, both the doctor and the patient feel that he has wasted his time.

For common diseases, a small community hospital is sufficient for most people. A recent movement by the company DingXiangYuan is to build more community hospitals of this type. They will provide treatments for common diseases that are often not serious, and direct people with more serious diseases to the correct place to seek treatment. DingXiangYuan hopes to provide both the patients and the doctors a great experience and changes doctor’s current status in society. I highly believe that we will hear more about this company in the following years as this is indeed an urgent problem to solve.


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